Truck parking telematics

Move & Park was founded in Paris in 2006 to set up and run an ICT (information communications technology) network for truck parking in Europe — in order to play a major role in the EU SETPOS Project. Subsequently, it also formed the consortium for the EU LABEL Project.

Move & Park can draw largely from expert knowledge relating to parking and telematics gathered from its shareholder and partners.


Move & Park has developed integrated ICT solutions for truck parking.

Today, lorry drivers face many imponderables when looking for parking space:

  • congested truck stop areas although compulsory rest period is imminent
  • inadequate information as to nearest available parking space
  • the information there is, is scattered through many brochures and websites; it is fragmented and often not up to date.

Move & Park makes pertinent information easily available so that lorry drivers and dispatchers can professionally plan their journey and avoid inconveniences.

For this purpose three services have been deployed within a single portal:

  • Service 1 : a database that holds all relevant and up-to-date static data on truck parking throughout Europe
  • Service 2 : a collect ion of as much dynamic availability data regarding empty truck parking space as possible and its communication to the users (drivers, dispatchers)
  • Service 3 : a reservation system to secure parking space in advance.

These services are branded as Truckinform, and can be depicted as follows:

Click here to download the Truckinform four-page PDF brochure — the portal which is now for sale.