Serving Europe

The Truckinform.eu portal was built during the execution of two projects, namely…



SETPOS stands for Secure European Truck Parking Operations Services. It was co-financed by the European Commission and ran from 2007 to 2009.

Parking problems (such as congested parking areas, bad lighting, etc.) often entail security issues:

  • truck drivers have to cope with (attempted) theft and robbery with regard to valuable cargo
  • they are exposed to violence
  • they run a danger that their cargo or vehicle is damaged.

Within SETPOS, Move & Park and its partners designed and realised solutions with a special view to increased safety and security.

Click here to download a SETPOS four-page PDF brochure.



Building upon the information and findings from SETPOS, LABEL generated, tested and evaluated a European standard certification scheme that is recognised by the project stakeholders : certifiers, insurers, public authorities, motorway operators, shippers, forwarders, carriers and truck stop operators.

It was similarly co-financed by the European Commission and ran from 2008 to 2010.

Click here to download a LABEL two-page PDF fact-sheet.